SIGH (a poem)



 Sigh, Sigh, all beauty must die. 

All Love must come to an end, in the end.

We are not safe, we are fools to believe.

Sigh, Sigh you can’t hear my cry.

It echoes in me, darkness surrounds me.

Sigh, Sigh, forever will be goodbye.

I loved you ever since I met you, I’ll love you long after Life is over.

Running circles in my head, how to stop this, how to not say goodbye.

Sigh, Sigh, I wonder why I lost what I love the most.

Sigh, Sigh, there is no light, we are strangers of the night.

Sigh, Sigh, but my love for you will never die.

Not now, not in a year, not in a million Lifetimes…..

(C) Audrey Valentine 2015


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