Review of Whispers by Lisa Jackson


WhispersWhispers by Lisa Jackson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very interesting and totally different from what I am used to when I read books from Lisa Jackson.
I did like it though.
Just couldn’t stop reading, because I simply wanted to know what was going on in those families, even though it wasn’t to hard to find it out for me.
Anyway the story revolves mostly around two families: The Taggerts and The Hollands, enemies since a long time the Seniors don’t want to have anything to do with each other.
But when Harley Taggert and Claire Holland reveal their plans to marry, it escalates and it ends with a tragedy, with Death…..
16 years later Kane Moran, who once loved Claire is back in their Hometown, to find out what reallly happened, some people are not amused with that and try everything to stop him………

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Review of The Life intended by Kristin Harmel


The Life IntendedThe Life Intended by Kristin Harmel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I shall keep my review short I guess even though there would be so much to write about it.
This books is one of the BEST books I have ever read.
It was going up and down, sad, funny, romantic and just unbelievble beautiful.
I cried, I smiled, I was nervous.
First I want to say that this book touched me very much especially because just right now I go through an extreme hard time, I lost the love of my life, thankfully not to death like the woman in the book does but still it feels like I am dead now…….And reading this book with my current situation made it so so much more intense, I did see myself a bit in Kate and I hope that my life will make sense in the end as well as hers.
The story was hearttouching as it is about Kate who lost her husband on 9/11, 13 years later she starts dreaming of him and a daughter she never had, but those dreams are not just dreams for her, and how it turns out in the end it is like her husband leads her to a brand new life…….
Since I am believing in God though its hard to do in such situations its even more touching.
I am always thinking it is too late for me, I have nothing in my life, neer had a job, im 25, no man, no child, living with my parents….this book cheered me up for a while and that is something special. I hope to read more from this author.

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Review of Choked by Tania Carver


Choked (Brennan & Esposito, #4)Choked by Tania Carver

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Was a good read, but I think no following book of these Authors(a man and his wife) come close to their first book “Surrogate”, that was magnificient and thrilling.
I didn’t like the next two books that much, this one though is better.
It is the 4th in the Marina Esposito series.
It starts with a big bang literally as there is an explosion in the house Marina and her family spent some holidays.
Not only is Phil now in a coma(her boyfriend), no also their daughter Josephina can’t be found.
Soon Marina will find out way as she gets a terryfiying call……….
On the next pages Marina shows what a loving mother is capable of.
But there is not only one evil person in this book, but 6…………
And who is that weird young guy who was just released from prison, where he spent many years for killing his mother and stepfather?

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Review of The Soul Catcher by Alex Kava


The Soul Catcher (Maggie O'Dell, #3)The Soul Catcher by Alex Kava

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good as always, I think about copying and pasting that in every future review when it is about Maggie O’Dell lol.
This time it is also Kathleen O’Dell, her mother who plays a bigger part in this story.
Maggie has a quite complicated relationship to her mother, I can relate.
It is basically about some murders that happen, and Reverend Everett soon becomes one of the Suspects.
He is the Leader of a sect.
Young guys(members of his sect) kill themselves in the beginning with Zyanid just becos they fear the Government, so they rather die then get caught.
Later in the story there is another suspect called Brandon a young boy and member of the sect.
There is also a very suspicious Photographer…..
This case gets very personal as soon as Maggie realizes her mother is also a member of the sect….

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How Bullying can affect your life


You may wonder why I talk about this subject on this Blog even though this Blog is mainly for all the stuff around Books and Writing.

Well Bullying has not as less to do with Books and Writing than you may think, at least in my case.

Since I was bullied for a long time, and never had real friends.

(Well nowadays I am kinda fine with that, I don’t really like people especially in real life anymore)

But as a child and Teenager with no friends, no parties etc I found another friend.

Books, my best friends still.

My mother always read to me, fairytales and Disney Books.

And as soon as I was able to read and write I read and wrote.

Books are still a perfect escape for me just like Music, even though on some days I feel so bad that not even they can help me as I can’t focus or concentrate.

And when I started writing, back in elementary school it seemed that finally I did something someone liked(my teachers).

In elementary school and Main School my german teachers liked my stories and told me I am talented…

Even though I hardly doubt that, it was another way besides reading to escape.

Here is a part of my Story:

Excerpt(Better said a short story) of SINFUL


You can read it on my Homepage but I thought I will also post it here.

Who knows maybe some people get interested and follow my Blog AND look at my Homepage(who is really not perfect, and believe me that is hard for me as I am a perfectionist, one of those people who get upset when what they do doesn’t fit their Idea of Perfection, yeah I know lovely people we are 🙂 )

short story SINFUL

Writer’s Problem #1: Forgetting details of your own stories


I hope I am not the only Writer who has this problem.

I am just trying to make an excerpt from every Novel, that I already finished (okay didn’t edit).

I am still working on the first excerpt of 10.

The problem is I can’t remember if I put the childrens Age in the book, I would use it for the excerpt but I am afraid that it is the wrong Age.

It is not mch fun to look through your Novel, looking for that.

My books sadly don’t have 60000 words or more, this one has only 39000 but still it is hard.

I hate when I can’t remember my own books, I don’t think anyone has this problem but I do tend to forget certain things very fast sine a few years.

Don’t know if that is part of my Mental Health Problems.

Anyway I guess I will just do the excerpt and before I publish the Novel (hopefully I will be able too soon), I will reread the Novel and then I will see what Age I put in there.

The same actually happens to me with names of my characters etc.

Maybe that is a sign my books aren’t good enough?….Hmmmm