TotenfrauTotenfrau by Bernhard Aichner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well I was kinda disappointed in the beginning. I heard a lot about this book and the author. Only positive things.
I decided to read this book because the author is from Austria, just like me.
So I gave it a try though I have never read an austrian author before…….
Well first and foremost I have to say the more I got used to his very weird writing style and to the characters the more I enjoyed it.
Still it wasn’t as good as I imagined it and I think it is an overrated book and an overrated author.
Since i feel the same way about Stephen King and his books, I know my opinion seems to be different to the common opinion.
However, in this book we meet Blum, a woman, who is very interesting. She is a loving mother and wife, all is fine until the day her husband dies……..
After that she changes….
She finds out that her husband had met a young woman called Dunja and what she told him was awful……and it seems Marks death wasn’t an accident.
Blum does her best to get her revenge.
And though it is hard to understand how a woman who has children can do such cruel things, i think those men deserve it.
And the question I ask myself is: “If that would happen to me, could I be like her and do what she did?”
So even though I am not totally satisfied with this book, I did like it in a way and I appreciate the violent scenes in it, the author isn’t afraid of going into detail…….I will read the other books in this trilogy so I guess he did everything right.
And let me add, because I forgot to mention it, I don’t think what she did when she was younger was right, she let her parents drown in the sea………because of her childhood where she always had to help her father, a mortician…….I just don’t think it was right, if she would have had a childhood full of violence, emotional abuse etc. I probably would like her more.

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