Review of The Healer of Wounded Souls by Diane Adams Taylor


The Healer of Wounded SoulsThe Healer of Wounded Souls by Diane Adams Taylor

Well it took me very long to read that book, but not because it was boring or such. I just didn’t have an E-Reader till a few days ago, so when my Kindle arrived I read the book in 3 days.
I did like it as it was very inspiring.
It is about Hope who has a bad accident, and is about to die………but she don’t
She heals because GOD has given her a special mission to complete, and so she becomes the Healer of wounded souls.
On her way she has to defeat some serious enemies who even try to kill her and her partner Nick.
I especially loved the fact it was about God, Faith, Helping others.
I liked the fact that Hope got more and more secure about herself and her part in the mission.
And it made me happy that many people were healed, would be great if that would happen in reality as well. So yes I enjoyed reading it, and while it was a bit too less to become one of my favorites it is definitely worth a read.
So get it and enjoy.

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