Review of The Life intended by Kristin Harmel


The Life IntendedThe Life Intended by Kristin Harmel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I shall keep my review short I guess even though there would be so much to write about it.
This books is one of the BEST books I have ever read.
It was going up and down, sad, funny, romantic and just unbelievble beautiful.
I cried, I smiled, I was nervous.
First I want to say that this book touched me very much especially because just right now I go through an extreme hard time, I lost the love of my life, thankfully not to death like the woman in the book does but still it feels like I am dead now…….And reading this book with my current situation made it so so much more intense, I did see myself a bit in Kate and I hope that my life will make sense in the end as well as hers.
The story was hearttouching as it is about Kate who lost her husband on 9/11, 13 years later she starts dreaming of him and a daughter she never had, but those dreams are not just dreams for her, and how it turns out in the end it is like her husband leads her to a brand new life…….
Since I am believing in God though its hard to do in such situations its even more touching.
I am always thinking it is too late for me, I have nothing in my life, neer had a job, im 25, no man, no child, living with my parents….this book cheered me up for a while and that is something special. I hope to read more from this author.

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