How Bullying can affect your life


You may wonder why I talk about this subject on this Blog even though this Blog is mainly for all the stuff around Books and Writing.

Well Bullying has not as less to do with Books and Writing than you may think, at least in my case.

Since I was bullied for a long time, and never had real friends.

(Well nowadays I am kinda fine with that, I don’t really like people especially in real life anymore)

But as a child and Teenager with no friends, no parties etc I found another friend.

Books, my best friends still.

My mother always read to me, fairytales and Disney Books.

And as soon as I was able to read and write I read and wrote.

Books are still a perfect escape for me just like Music, even though on some days I feel so bad that not even they can help me as I can’t focus or concentrate.

And when I started writing, back in elementary school it seemed that finally I did something someone liked(my teachers).

In elementary school and Main School my german teachers liked my stories and told me I am talented…

Even though I hardly doubt that, it was another way besides reading to escape.

Here is a part of my Story:


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