Writer’s Problem #1: Forgetting details of your own stories


I hope I am not the only Writer who has this problem.

I am just trying to make an excerpt from every Novel, that I already finished (okay didn’t edit).

I am still working on the first excerpt of 10.

The problem is I can’t remember if I put the childrens Age in the book, I would use it for the excerpt but I am afraid that it is the wrong Age.

It is not mch fun to look through your Novel, looking for that.

My books sadly don’t have 60000 words or more, this one has only 39000 but still it is hard.

I hate when I can’t remember my own books, I don’t think anyone has this problem but I do tend to forget certain things very fast sine a few years.

Don’t know if that is part of my Mental Health Problems.

Anyway I guess I will just do the excerpt and before I publish the Novel (hopefully I will be able too soon), I will reread the Novel and then I will see what Age I put in there.

The same actually happens to me with names of my characters etc.

Maybe that is a sign my books aren’t good enough?….Hmmmm



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