Review of “Veronika decides to die” (OT: Veronika decide Morrer) by Paulo Coelho


Okay I was really shocked how bad it was. This book is horribly written and the story is lame.
The topic is Suicide/Mental Health but couldn’t find myself in it.
What kinda angered me is that he keeps on calling people with Depressions or suicidal people as crazy….
We are not!
Also one guy has Schizophrenia which is a very serious condition as you might know and the book suggests he got healed because he fell for Veronica……….
The way the asylum treats it’s patients was sadly the truth years ago, and who knows maybe it is still like that.
The only thing I liked about this book is that Veronia asks herself what crazy actually means, who is crazy and who can say a person is crazy.
So that I think is a good point.
Oh what also kinda saddened me is that Veronica decides to kill herself because she is bored with life, she didn’t really have to suffer in her life and I don’t think people so easily decide to die…….I have personal experience so I really dislike the book and now think Coelho is highly overrated and I can’t understand it just as I can’t understand it with Stephen King.
Anyways I was disappointed because I once read a few pages of “The Warrior of Light” and liked it lots, had some good points and sayings.
I read the book very fast because I just wanted to get to the next book, and that only happens when a book just doesn’t captivate me.


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