Review: Noah by Sebastian Fitzek


NoahNoah by Sebastian Fitzek
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very interesting book, really.

Definitely nothing for people who tend to close their eyes when it is about the state of the world.

Noah is about a guy who doesn’t know who he is, about a project that will kill billions of people, about very serious problems. There are many REAL numbers in there like how much more people will live on this earth, that is already close to collapse.

The conspiracy theory in this book is just the authors fantasy he states that at the end of the book BUT who knows what is really going on, it does make you worry if there are people who plan things like that.
And it really made me think about myself and how i abuse this wonderful planet with things I do….We eat more than we would have to, we waste water while others have none, we fly around the world, we kill every bit of nature that is in our way etc. So I do think humans are the end for this world….i do my best to be not one of those who forgets about that, we only have one earth!

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