Review of Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn


Hmm what did I think….Well first and foremost it is a very very different book, different to the books I am used to, or better said the writing styles I am used to. I don’t say that makes it a bad book but it took some time to get used to it, to really dive into the story.

Main character is Camille and what she hides under her clothes is really shocking. I used to cut myself and still do sometimes when I feel bad. So it was kinda hard to read about that.

The story is about Camille who comes to her hometown to get a good story, 2 girls were killed there. I got furious a lot of times while reading this book, such mean characters, I really got angry often very often especially at those girls, had to remind myself that it was just a book, but then I know such people exist in real world as well.

It is a very dark book, very challenging.

I even felt hatred for Camille a few times, I mean taking drugs with ur 13 year old sis is not really the best thing to do.

The end of the book was kinda surprising, and yes I have to admit that this book will stay in my head for a while, thats for sure.


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