The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion – Review


Well first I have to say I enjoyed it.

BUT it was a very special read, kinda difficult to read and a bit boring from time to time but that may be because it is about a guy, Don, who obviously has Asperger, and if u know a bit about that syndrome u know those people are quite complicated and have their own views + live in their own world sometimes.
And well the book was written very, well, lets say its not an easy read.

The story itself is funny and romantic, even sad sometimes. I definitely will buy book two in this series.

For me personally it helped me a bit to understand people with Aspergers more, and well I know someone who has it, so of course I thought about if this or this is something he would do or say or think.

Of course no one who has that syndrome will ever totally understand how it is to live with it, what they feel or think, like no one who has depressions can understand how that feels.

But it showed that every person, alos those who are not considered “normal” deserve respect. It’s not like they are stupid or such!


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