Review: One by One


One by One
One by One by Chris Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Supergreat!!! Thats what I thought 🙂

With this book Chris Carter finally made it to 1st place of my favorite authors.
It is great to read his books and I am soooo glad I bought the first one because it sounded interesting.
But interesting is underestimated, his books are dark, very dark, thrilling, exciting and they even make me(even though i am used to a lot of creepy creepy things) shiver in horror. I love that he describes the torturing and killing in details, not many authors do that, sadly.

In this book about Robert Hunter and Carlos Garcia it is about a killer who lets the crowd decide and even though it is just fiction I do think if someone would do that in real life we would get the same results….I have to admit that i even feel compassion for the killer at the end when it comes out why he does what he does…..Bullying and Social Networks play a big part in this book…
Awesome killing methods and my beloved Hunter + Garcia, can a book be any better? NOPE

Chris Carter for life 🙂

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