Review: Soul Chaser


Soul Chaser
Soul Chaser by Nicholette Campbell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wow, not many books captivate me so much I have to read the whole book so fast.

I never heard of anything like that before, for me it was a totally new idea.

Raven is a soul chaser, which means she has to die again and again for other children and adolescents so they dont have to endure their death and can go on to heaven…..

When I imagined how that must feel I felt an overwhelming compassion for Raven, cos if we are honest who wants to die again and again and experience various forms of death?
I really could feel with her, she had compassion for the children she died for……..but that was against the law………
I really got angry because I thought it is not fair she had to do this even though she wasnt the only one.

I slightly changed that opinion at the end……..

And I really hope there will be more stories with this idea cos I find it fascinating.
I am usually not the biggest fan to short stories but this one was a good one and actually satisfied me.

Thanks to the author for being so creative!

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