Review: Abgeschnitten


Abgeschnitten by Sebastian Fitzek
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yeah another great Fitzek, love this author 🙂

Not only becos he wrote me back when I emailed him a year ago, he is very nice.

I love his books cos at the end of every chapter the excitement rises and you just can’t wait to read the next chapter so you keep reading.
Not many books are written like this actually he is the only author I know so far who does that so well.
And not many books make me really feel that excited and nervous, so yeah definitely a 5 stars review.

Very, very, very good book.
And the storyline is very hard itself cos it is about the justice when it comes to the difference of how people who steal bread or money and the ones who rape and kill young women are punished.
It is set in germany, the author is living and born in germany so I have no idea when or if this book will ever be available in english.

But yeah I can really say I had to swallow once in a while as it is very hard to read details about tortures like this.

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