Review: Once called america


Once called america
Once called america by Alexander Moore
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think it’s an interesting book, something new, something I have never read, and not only because I usually don’t read Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

I was only disappointed by the abrupt end, but maybe there is a Sequel.

It’s about America after the 3rd World War, caused by so called Psions(people with special powers).

We meet Alice(an orphan) and her 3 adopted brothers + their “Father” a priest. They live in a church. They kids are not allowed to go outside as they live in the “Old City” and there are only thieves, smugglers, gangs etc.
But Alice leaves the church from time to time, she is curious and wants t osee the world.
One day this desire gets her and her brothers in a massive danger…..

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