Interview with Megan Cyrulewski(an author and a true heroine)


Questions  ©2014 by

  Jane Peskara/Audrey Valentine,

answered by Megan Cyrulewski


Q: How old are you? Where are you from?

A: 35 and I’m from Michigan, USA

Q: You are a writer.

When did u realize, writing is what you want to do?

A: I have always loved writing.  I got a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism but took a different career path and worked in the non-profit sector for 8 years.

Q: What are you writing about?

A: My book is a memoir.  I discuss the last three years of my life, which were extremely tumultuous and difficult.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your book/s?

A: My book is about my journey into post-partum depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, stays in the psych ward, divorce, domestic violence, law school, how I managed to graduate from law school and a beautiful little girl who emerged from all of this chaos.

Q: What do you want to achieve with your writing?

A:  There are two major issues I want to tackle with my book:  First, that domestic violence isn’t just physical.  I lived through 6 years of horrific emotional abuse and my ex-husband telling me that I was a joke and worthless stung just as much as a slap in the face.  Second, postpartum depression has this terrible stigma attached to it that we want to hurt our children.  That simply isn’t true.  There are so many facets to postpartum depression.  I felt as though I wasn’t a good enough mother to my child.  I wanted to kill myself because I thought my daughter would be better off without me.

Q: Do you have any idols?

A:  I wouldn’t say idols.  I am inspired by people who do anything they can to make their dreams come true.  There is this great quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Sometimes it’s a struggle to get where you want to be in life.  It’s hard and people will judge you for the choices you make.  Find your strength within and your dreams will find you.

 Q: Do you like to read? If so, have you any favorite authors or Genres? Or something you absolutely don’t want to read?

A:  I am a total book addict.  I have been ever since I could read.  The weekend that the last Harry Potter was released, I told my ex-husband from the moment Amazon delivered my copy that Saturday morning, I wouldn’t see him until I finished…and that was Sunday night.  I devour books of any genre.  I have a stack of “must-read” books sitting in my chair.  I like some popular authors but I’ve read some great self-published books as well.

Q: Is there something important you want the readers to know about you?

A:  The question I get the most when people find out about the topic of my book is do I regret marrying my ex-husband?  The answer is absolutely not.  Without him, I wouldn’t have my daughter and that would be my biggest regret.

Q: What are your plans for the future (as writer and private)?


A:  I plan to keep writing.  I also have a law degree so my next book is a legal thriller (think John Grisham.)  I also am a court mediator.  I have been volunteering in some sort of capacity since I was young and right now I am on the Board of Directors for a wonderful organization, Troy Youth Assistance.  I have learned not to look too far into the future and to just enjoy every day moments.


Thank you Megan , it was a pleasure to interview you, wish you all the best for the future.



Cover release and first chapter excerpt:




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