Interview with Diane Adams Taylor( an author who wants to teach the world something)


Questions by Jane Peskara/Audrey Valentine,

answered by Diane Adams Taylor

1.) How old are you? Where are you from?

 A: I am 60 years old and I am originally from Ohio (mostly the Akron area) and I now live in Florida.

2.) You are a writer.

When did u realize, writing is what you want to do?

A: I have a bachelor’s degree in Art, Art History and English but when I graduated from college there were no jobs.  I went back to school and got a master’s degree in special education and went into teaching.  I then pursued my doctorate degree in education administration and became a central office administrator.  My love of writing never left me but I had little time to devote to my craft.  Since I have retired from the field of education, I now write every day.

3.) What are you writing about?

A: I write many things – currently I am working on two new fiction manuscripts, a work of non-fiction,  a children’s series on character development and a series of books for young adults called White Hawk.  I also write short stories for publication in an on-line magazine as well as articles for parents for an on-line newspaper.  My two published novels have a spiritual bent but they also reflect real world problems.

4.) Can you tell us a bit about your book/s?


Circles in Time – Diane Adams Taylor: (Paperback and ebook) ISBN: 978-1-61862-917-3

Faith is a wife and a mother who has everything under control – at least on the surface – but she is about to embark on a spiritual journey that will forever change her. When an on-going nightmare of being choked to death destroys her routine existence, she begins her quest to find answers.  Guided through several past lives by her advisor from the Other Side, Faith discovers ancient secrets and buried memories which have been hidden for centuries.  Through this journey of abuse, love, suffering, redemption and enlightenment, Faith is able to find her true purpose in life and begin to live again.

Part of the profits for this book goes to victims of domestic violence.

The Healer of Wounded Souls by Diane Adams Taylor ISBN: 078-1-4507-0079-5

Hope is a nurse who is injured in a serious accident while on her way to work.  Thinking she has died, Hope finds herself being escorted to the Other Side by an angel.  She is introduced to her advisors who present her with several choices.   She is given the opportunity to end her life and stay with them or returns to earth to become a healer of those who suffer from wounded souls.  During her journey to discover her true purpose she finds those who will assist her in her mission of healing wounded warriors.  However, several obstacles present themselves in the form of terrorists who wish to stop her as well as government agencies who find her work counterproductive to their wishes.

Part of the profits for this book go to the Wounded Warriors Project.

5.) What do you want to achieve with your writing?

A: I want to inform, teach and somehow enhance the lives of my readers.

6.) Do you have any idols? 

A: No

7.) Do you like to read? If so, have you any favorite authors or Genres? Or something you absolutely don’t want to read?

A: My favorite author is Ken Follett.  I read nearly everything he writes.  I enjoy Janet Evanovich as she never fails to make me laugh.

One of my favorite books is Pride and Prejudice.  I love the 19th century writers – Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Emily Dickinson.  I read the classics also.

8.) Is there something important you want the readers to know about you?

A: Writing is an art and in order to improve in your art practice is necessary.  Write everyday so you will become the best you can be.  I try to follow my own advice but I am not always successful.

9.) What are your plans for the future(as writer and private)?

A: I have 5 – 10 books in my head and started on the computer.  I want to complete these works and continue writing.  I am considering starting up my own publishing company to help aspiring authors as well.

It was a pleasure to interview you Diane, thank you and all the best.




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