Review: The Best of Me


The Best of Me
The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was the first Sparks book since a while for me…….I was very excited to read one of him again, as he is one of my main inspirations.
This time i was surprised as there was some crime in it, but he did well.
It is basically about Amanda and Dawson who fall in love at the age of 17, Dawson ends it and the dont see each other for 24 years, when they meet again they feel the love between them is still there……But Amanda is married and has 3 children at home.
She tries to deny her feelings but eventually she admits them and they tell each other the three words…..Everything could be great, they could make a new start…….but they wont…Amanda leaves him……in the end her son has an accident and needs a new heart, while she is in the hospital with him, Dawson saves the life of a youn guy but gets his cousin there…..
Amandas son survives…he gots Dawsons heart…
I knew that from the moment i read that jared needs a heart…
Anyway i was sad about that of course but what really made me angry was that amanda stayed with her husband(an alcoholic) he didnt drink anymore after the accident but nevertheless…how was she able to just forget about her true love? when she even thought about a divorce and a new start with him??? but what this book also shows is that when u find true love u should cherish and keep it save….you shouldn twaste time, just because u think its not the right time or you ant to experience other things…….You never know when it is too late……..which yeah reminded me of my current lovesituation…..

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