Review: Tormented


Tormented by Mia Natal
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great book i wanna say first 🙂
It is a lovestory with erotica(so i definetly say please only read it if u are an adult, cos those scenes are very detailed)
I never was into reading erotica especially when its is so detailed but in this book i just loved it, i so often had to think about me nd my fiancee while reading this book, the struggling of the woman and the jealousy, the guy who was a player but totally change after he met her..the fears she had that he hasnt changed.
I enjoyed rading it and even though it has only 98 pages i was feeling fullfilled so to speak because the story had everything it needed.
Another prove that i am right when i say it shouldnt be about the amount of words or pages 🙂
I totally felt with the woman, i felt like i am her and she is me, she suffered since 4 years because her family died i na car accident and then she meets HIM, Drake and everything changes and just when she thinks everything will be okay it turns out to get complicated…….the end? i wont tell u about it, just read it! .)

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