Interview with Chasity Nicole(an author and a woman who shows us that being different doesn’t mean to be less worthy)


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1st March 2014                                                Jane Peskara/Audrey Valentine,

answered by Chasity Nicole

Q: How old are you? Where are you from?

A: I am 23 years old, and from the small town of Mount Pleasant, North Carolina.

Q: You are a writer. When did u realize, writing is what you want to do?

A: Around 2005 is when I really started writing for the fun of it with a best friend in high school.

It was always just for the fun and love of it, as it is now.

About a year ago is when I realized I wanted to publish something instead of leaving everything I’ve ever wrote to collect dust.

Writing is a passion for me, and I think you have to have that passion when you write.

Q: What are you writing about?

A: A mixture of sorts.

My novel, Wickedly Misunderstood is a fantasy novel about super human kids, it’s a trilogy and book two is being written now.

I also have a historical horror short story, and another short that deals with a monster beneath a boarding school.

And several other short stories in the words. Asides that I plan on writing a ghost hunting series, a crime series, a few kids books, and two non-fiction books (Tourettes and the Loss of my Sister).

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your book/s?

A: Wickedly Misunderstood is about eleven teenagers with super human abilities.

They are taken to an island to enhance their abilities and to get help in figuring out why they have these gifts.

They are actually on the island for something more sinister and the main character, Ember, slowly begins to unravel it all.

Q: What do you want to achieve with your writing?

A: I want to help people.

Wickedly Misunderstood, actually the whole Valhaven Island Trilogy, is basically trying to show people that just because we’re different doesn’t mean that we can’t get along.

Even if your different you’re still a human as everyone else and that we should learn to get along and if we we’re all the same then the world would be a dull and boring place.

My short stories as just to give a person enjoyment from reading and maybe even a good scare or two.

The non-fiction books could be considered self-help as the Tourettes one will have links and medical information to help a person that may suffer from it.

As for the one dealing with my sister it may be a means for kids going through that to cope, or I can only hope it would do that. I can only hope to inspire a person with my writings.

Q: Do you have any idols?

A: My mom, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King Jr, Dan Akroyd, Kathy Reichs, L.J. Smith, James Patterson, Gena Showwalter, and Kelly Clarkson.

My mom is where I get my love of writing from in the first place. Kathy Reichs inspired me to go into the field of criminal justice. Kelly Clarkson is usually the artist I listen to while writing, and Patterson, Smith and Showwalter have been huge inspirations from me after reading their books.

Q: Do you like to read? If so, have you any favorite authors or Genres? Or something you absolutely don’t want to read?

A: I don’t read much romance and won’t read erotica at all.

They are just not my forte of reading material.

Though my book has some romance scenes.

As for authors I have numerous: Kathy Reichs, Misti Blake (self-published), James Patterson, L.J. Smith, J.K. Rowling, Gena Showwalter.

I’ll pretty much read anything else if it’s interesting, and I’ve been known to pick up a few romances if they seem interesting enough.

Q: Is there something important you want the readers to know about you?

A: I am a writer that has Tourette’s syndrome.

Writing helps me cope because it keeps my brain busy so I don’t twitch as much.

Also, Wickedly Misunderstood, started out as a dream so if you can dream it there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Q: What are your plans for the future (as writer and private)?

A: I hope to be a crime scene investigator or work in a Forensics’ lab. Actually going back to school for a bit to get my Forensics’ degree after I get my Bachelors in Criminal Justice.

As for writing endeavors I plan to finish writing book two and three of the Valhaven Island Trilogy and start working on my other novel series ideas.

I also have a few short stories being published in the spring time, dates are not finalized at this point though.

But I will continue to write as long as there is a story in my head that I want the world to hear.

Thank you Chasity, it was a pleasure to interview you, wish you all the best for the future.

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