Review: Letzte Worte


Letzte Worte
Letzte Worte by Karin Slaughter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well what can i say? Karin Slaughter is my favorite author and there is a reason for it 🙂 She writes awesome books and seems to be a very nice person, if i could choose one person in the world to read one of my books it would be definetly her. She inspires me 🙂 To the book itsself, great as always and yeah i had some times where i was just angry at Sara cos of hating Lena so much, i like lena 🙂 And then in the end? I was so angry about Will, he is still depnedent on Angie and thinks its Love….stupid, to teh case in the book? Great and we also see how corrupt the police can be, but still i do honor all the police men and women who make a good job 🙂 There was only one problem with this book and with every other book from Slaughter….it is so interesting that i cant stop reading but also i dont want to read too much at once so it isnt over that soon 🙂

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