Review: Divisive


Divisive by John Tucker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is awesome. Its thrilling, full of twists and has a real surprising ending.
It is about a guy who likes to play cruel games. And the Connors family.
this guy is the devil I think, but Mrs. Connors is not an angel as well.
And as soon as u feel compassion for one of the protagonists the next page will turn it into hate.
In this book no one is really innocent except Emily Connors.
I was shocked(in a good way, better say thrilled) by some incidents.
It was never boring. I recommend this book to everyone who likes twists and books where u don’t know till the last page how it ends.
Its the first book in a trilogy and I cant wait to read the next one.
Its amazing John Tucker created a book, a world where ppl seem to have no heart at all, but there is still hope I think cos Frank Bostick(a detective) follows his instincts and comes the devil very close.

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