Review: Undone


Undone by Karin Slaughter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of the best Karin Slaughter books I have ever read.
Wow from the first page to the last I was totally captivated by the story, as we know its the first book in a new series “Georgia series” where Sara Linton from “Grant County series” meets Will Trent from the “Atlanta series”
well we have a lot of new things happening.
Its about a serial killer who tortures young women, abuses them in very cruel ways.
and all of them were members of a group on the internet.
The interesting thing about it is that I also know this group and also had a few friends who were members. nowadays I do see that it is the wrong way. Cos this women are “Pro-Ana” which means they have or want to have anorexia, they do what they can to force their bodies to starve, so they lose weight. I was even a member of a group on FB. So yeah its like a cult for women who want to be skinny.
Its horrible that women have the need to look like that, and feel like they can never get love and they are not worth it, because they are thick(even though most of them aren’t)
Well enough said about that, just think twice if u join them, rather talk with someone who isn’t a part of this cult, I don’t judge them or u if u want to be extreme skinny because I wanted the same, and nowadays still have to force myself to don’t do this things again on some days, but I know u can make it too even alone, I had to make it alone as well. YOU are stronger than u think….Beware of “Thinspiration”, “THinspo” and such…usually they are very good hidden and as we see in this book, not even the police could enter the chat room.
Again to the book its amazing and cant wait to read the next one, already have it here soooo 🙂
Very dark thriller with a look into the abysses of a insane mind…or more than one.

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