Review: The Spirit of a Witch


The Spirit of a Witch
The Spirit of a Witch by Sarah Jane Avory
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well first I have to say this book I bought because the author is my friend, she is great 🙂 It is the first english book I ever bought 🙂
I admit I dont really like fantasy and scifi novels.
But I gave it a try, its fantasy, about witches mostly
I had a rough start with it, the first pages seemed to never end, maybe because I didn’t really want to read it(because its fantasy) but then, as soon as I got into it, I couldnt stop reading, I was there, amazing I never thought a fantasy novel could do that to me but this one did.
So I am happy to say this book is awesome, you all should read it even if u dont like fantasy, this is different, I mean did u ever hear of a book where the second main character is a grumpy cat? His name is Smokey and he always has something to say, he is not always nice but always a dear friend.
Briley the main character discovers she is a witch after she was brought to another world, slowly she starts getting more selfconfident and thats also something I like cos I can see myself in her and I love that finally she realizes that she is worthy and finally finds people who truly love her.
I cant wait to read the sequel, surely gonna buy it.
LOVE IT Briley and Smokey rule!!!!
I think it would be also a very good idea for a screenplay 🙂

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